Wedding Veil Length Guide

Wedding veils come in many shapes and sizes and it can be overwhelming when you are trying to figure it all out. Below is a list of different veil lengths available from our store. Each photo shows the length in our 'Classic' Veil style and is pictured in a medium fullness. These veil lengths are standard in the industry though different designers may have slightly different measurements for each veil length.  
We do offer these lengths in our other veil styles as well. All of our veils are made in house so if you see a veil that you love in the shop but do not see the length you want just send us a quick email with the veil style and desired length and we will let you know if that is possible and how much it will cost. 
Elbow Length Wedding Veil Melinda Rose Design
Melinda Rose Design Fingertip Length Wedding Veil
Ballet Waltz Length Wedding Veil Melinda Rose Design
Floor Length Wedding Veil Melinda Rose Design
Chapel Length Bridal Veil Melinda Rose Design
Cathedral Length Wedding Veil Melinda Rose Design
If you have more questions about veils please check out our other blog posts all about veils or send us an email. We are happy to help!



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