What is the difference between silk tulle and bridal illusion tulle

Are you considering a silk tulle veil but not sure about the difference or the benefits? We offer two different types of silk tulle : English silk tulle and French silk tulle. Both options are made with 100% silk but are made slightly different each with its own benefit.

English silk tulle

english silk tulle drop veil melinda rose design

english silk tulle drop veil melinda rose design

English silk tulle is made with a slightly larger weave so it is the most sheer option available for silk tulle. This type of silk tulle is also starched so it is a little more crisp though it is still flowy and softer than the bridal illusion many veils are made from. This type of silk tulle is a great option if you are looking for something very sheer with a little body but still flowy. This is also the lace we use for any silk veils with lace. The starch on the silk tulle makes it strong enough to sew on the lace. 


French Silk Tulle

French silk tulle drop veil melinda rose design

French Silk Tulle wedding veil Melinda Rose Design

French silk tulle is the most luxurious type of silk tulle available. It is incredibly soft and flowy. This is the silk tulle that princess Kate wore for her wedding. This type of silk tulle is slightly more opaque than traditional veils but still very sheer. If you are looking for a veil that is really soft and flowy this would be the type of silk tulle I would recommend. 

*Pictured is our fingertip french silk tulle drop veil


Bridal Illusion tulle (not silk)

Elbow length drop veil Melinda Rose Design

I thought this option was worth showing with this blog post so you can see how the veil fabrics compare as far as drape and sheerness goes. This option is extremely light weight and sheer. It is also the most economical option available. It has a bit more body so if this is what you are looking for the bridal illusion tulle is a great option for you. 

It is always best to just order samples so you can best see and feel the fabrics in person. You can purchase samples here

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