Different types of wedding veils

Classic Bridal Veil

Ballet/waltz length bridal veil melinda rose design

The classic bridal veil is a U shaped veil that has been gathered onto a comb. This is the most common veil style and will go with almost any dress silhouette. I have a great blog post about choosing a veil length that works best with your dress

*Pictured is a Ballet (waltz) length bridal veil in a medium fullness. 


Classic Bridal Veil with Blusher

Wedding veil with blusher melinda rose design

This is the classic style bridal veil with a blusher added on to either add an extra layer for the back to add an additional layer to wear over your face while walking down the aisle. The blusher is typically about 30" in length but varies depending on veil placement. I have a great blog post about how to measure for your veil or blusher.

*Pictured is a fingertip length veil with a 30" blusher. 


Drop Veil/Circle Veil

fingertip drop veil melinda rose design

fingertip drop veil melinda rose design


A drop veil is either a circle cut or oval cut veil that has a comb sewn in it to make a blusher layer. This veil is one continuous piece rather than two completely separate layers. Drop veils vary in length but the most common lengths are the fingertip and cathedral lengths with the blusher being 30". If you are looking for a sheer option this is a great choice. 

*Pictured is our fingertip drop veil with a 30" blusher length and a 40" back length. 


Lace Mantilla Veil

lace mantilla veil melinda rose design

This is a beautiful Spanish style veil cut into an oval shape with with a lace border. We make most of our veils with french lace. The most common lengths for this veil style is the fingertip or cathedral length. Though you will want to consider your dress when choosing the length. Check out our blog post for tips on choosing your length. 

 *Pictured is one of our french lace mantillas in a longer floor length

Oval Shaped Veil

oval shaped wedding veil melinda rose design

Just like the mantilla veil without the lace border. The veil is cut into an oval shape and creates a beautiful cascading edge. We offer this in a fine tulle or a silk chiffon. These fabrics create a soft and flowy veil. We can make this veil in bridal illusion tulle if you are looking for something more sheer. 

 *Pictured is our fine tulle oval shaped wedding veil in a chapel length. 


Bridal Cap Veil

Bridal Cap wedding veil melinda rose design

The bridal cap veil came from the 20's art deco era but many brides have featured this vintage style in their weddings. This veil is typically made with two layers (sometimes just one layer) and gathered at each side to create a cap over the head. It is common to see this veil style with a floral or jewel ornamentation covering the gathered area. 

 *Pictured is our Bridal Cap 'Camilla' veil


Birdcage/Blusher Veil

birdcage veil melinda rose design

This veil name can sometimes be confusing for brides because a blusher can also be referred to as the layer that the bride flips over the face when walking down the aisle. But when industry professionals refer to a blusher or a birdcage veil this is the style they are referring to. A blusher veil is made with bridal illusion tulle or silk tulle and a birdcage veil is made with birdcage netting or Russian netting that has the large diamond shapes. This veil style became popular in the 50's and is still going strong as it is simple, lightweight and easy to manage. Most of these veils are about 9-10" in length but you can get longer/larger blushers as well.

*Pictured is our double layer tulle/birdcage veil. We also off this style in only one layer with either tulle, birdcage netting or a silk tulle. 

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