Blusher veils

Are you considering a blusher veil for your ceremony? Many brides who are looking for a simple and low maintenance veil opt for a blusher style veil. Blushers, sometimes referred to as a birdcage veil, go with many styles of dresses and are super easy to style. However this veil does not go with all silhouettes so be wise in your selection and make sure that it compliments your wedding gown. I would avoid this style with any dresses that have a high neck line and long sleeves. Blushers pair really well with wedding gowns with an open neckline or sleeveless style. They are an excellent choice for those beloved sweetheart necklines. Below is a selection of popular styles that many brides love.


The Classic Birdcage 
Birdcage Blusher Veil
This is the style that is referred to as the traditional birdcage veil. Made popular by brides in the 50's and still loved to this day. This veil is quite springy so it requires bobbie pins to get that incredibly styling that you see in photos. The most commonly used birdcage style veil has a length of about 10" but they are available in longer and fuller styles. 


The Traditional Blusher
Silk tulle blusher veil


This style is commonly made with bridal illusion tulle and creates a clean and sheer look. We make ours in a silk tulle to give it a softer and less poufy look. The softness of the silk allows for easy shaping and styling over the face. The will be the most versitile of all the blusher styles becuase of the simple sheer tulling. Shop this veil here

Double Layer Tulle & Birdcage Veil
Double Layer Birdcage Veil

This style combines the look of the traditional birdcage and tulle veils with two beautiful layers. Brides love this style as the tulle layer softens the layer of birdcage. The birdcage layer still requires pinning to hold is shape as this veil is extra springy. Once the netting is pinned in place you can simply just pull the tulle layer over and shape it to your liking. Shop this veil here


Large Double Layer Tulle Blusher
Long two layer blusher veil
Another fun and more modern take on the traditional blusher style. This veil is made with two layers of bridal tulle and is 16" in length. The top layer can be worn forward for the ceremony and easily flipped back for the reception. This veil style should be avoided with any dresses with a high neckline and long sleeves. It is best paired with an open and sleeveless style dress. Shop this veil here





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