Birdcage Veil Care

For more stubborn wrinkles use an clothing iron. Make sure to use the lowest heat setting (nylon) on your iron. When ironing you need to move fairly quickly but very carefully. If you leave the heat set on the veil too long in one spot it will melt the veiling. Just keep the iron moving and you should be fine. It really doesn't take long to remove wrinkles with a little heat. If you are at all worried that your iron gets unusually hot try to use the tips in the video above a few times or borrow one that doesn't get too hot. You can even use a clean white cotton cloth between the iron and the veil although it will be tricky to maneuver. You could tape it to the iron too. Make sure to wrap the piece of cotton up around the iron so the tape is high and not on the heated part at all! Make sure there are not wrinkles on the cotton cloth.

You can also use the iron to shape the veil so it has a nice cupping shape and lays over your face (you will probably still need some bobbie pins. I will eventually be adding my own video on how to iron the veil and how to shape the veil using the iron. But here are some steps on how to shape and iron your veil:

1. Make sure your iron and ironing board are clean
2. Turn on your iron to the lowest heat setting (nylon)
3. Place the veil upside down on the ironing board so the side that will be touching your face is facing upwards
4. Hold the veil by the comb
5. Iron out all the wrinkles (do this first and let it cool for a few minutes if needed)
6. Then shape your veil
7. While holding the veil, shape by ironing with the front half/ front side of the iron on the lower half of the veil.
8. And remember to keep the iron moving!

The same goes for a long tulle veil as a birdcage style veil. Read the above section on how to iron a birdcage veil as well. Use the lowest heat setting (nylon) and keep the iron moving. You may need to iron it more than once but let it cool before going over it again.

Helpful tips:

-LOWEST heat setting on your iron (nylon)
-Iron the veil upside down (this helps in shaping the veil too)
-Dont burn yourself!!




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